Ok so you have just received your Forumuler z7+ IPTV box unboxed it and put it on the table while you look at it in amazement but then after your excitement stops you then think “oh I heard this is a good box from my mate Dave but I don’t know how to set it up” Well good job for you we have come up with this guide on how to set up to get you well on your way to using this great iptv box

Ok, first things first you will need to plug in your Formuler z7+ box using the cables provided with it and we highly suggest using an ethernet cable for the network connection to keep a strong solid connection if not then use the wifi extender that came with the box.

Once you have switched on the box you will be met with your basic setup instructions like most devices so you just pick your country and wifi network if using the included wifi dongle. Then once your past the boring setup the IPTV device will say there is an update available just click ok to start the update process which may take roughly up to 5 minutes or so depending on your internet speed.

After the box has turned itself on after the upgrade you will need to click on the My TV online box.

Now you will see the word MAC and a 12 digit code you will need to Buy an IPTV subscription from us by clicking the link below

The Best IPTV Provider

First and then send us this code and we can then activate your IPTV subscription on your box or carry on reading if you have your subscription from another provider.

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How To Set Up The Formuler z7+ IPTV Box new update 2022

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