Nora Go Pin Code and Provider ID

How to Get Nora Go Pin Code and Provider ID

Okay, so you probably chose the egg before the chicken. What I mean is you probably already downloaded/installed the Nora Go app before getting the Nora Go pin code and Nora Go Provider ID first. Depending on the IPTV service chosen, you get one or more device pin codes.  The IPTV service is needed to activate the free NoraGo app and they are the ones that deliver live channels/on-demand content. The app connects to the IPTV service.


Nora Go users that already have the app installed can subscribe to the IPTV service recommended below. This IPTV supports both the NoraGo app and ISG GO app, whereas ISG GO is an upgrade to NoraGo.  Both apps require the Provider ID, Device Pin Codes, Username, and Password.

Click Here to Get Your Nora Go or ISG GO Subscription or Read Full Review

 (Learn more about the Nora Go IPTV Service)



Strange things have happened over the past months. Many if not all Nora Go and SO Player IPTV services stopped accepting new customers. We found two different IPTVs: One IPTV for SO Player HERE and the other for ISG Go app Here – Can use Nora Go app on LG smart TV. The app can’t be found on the Samsung smart TV anymore). Both IPTVs are accepting new customers and renewals.

If NoraGo or ISG Go is already installed on your streaming device or want to use either app to watch Internet TV, then you must watch the video below. Discover a new IGO GO IPTV service named My5Lines that uses a free app called ISG GO. It works the same way as to NoraGo.

Keep this in mind… The ISG GO IPTV service in the video below recommends that you use the ISG GO app for any compatible device. But use NoraGO for the LG smart TV that comes with an internal app store. Unfortunately, NoraGo, SOPlayer, and ISG Go are no longer found inside the Samsung smart TV app store.

If you intend to keep using NoraGo for any compatible device, then understand it won’t be supported by the ISG GO IPTV service. You should install the ISG GO app.

To signup and get your trial or subscription to use the ISG Go app or Nora Go for LG smart TVs, click the link below…

Click Here to Get Your Trial or Subscription or Read Full Review Here

NOTE: There is no free trial but you can get one. You can subscribe to a SO Player IPTV subscription service to get a free trial. It’s not that different. You will need to uninstall the ISG GO or Nora Go app if it’s already installed and install SO Player. All these apps work performance basically the same way and require the same to type of activation credentials for the app. You can Subscribe Here.   




There is now a new replacement app for NoraGo called ISG GO. You may continue using the old Nora app but if you experience a performance issue, you should uninstall that old app and install the new app, ISG GO. Smart TV (Samsung & LG) users won’t find ISG GO inside the Play Store but will find NoraGo. Connect a compatible streaming media device such as the Firestick to the smart TV and install the new replacement app, ISG.


If you are in a hurry and want the Nora Go Provider ID or Nora Go Pin Code(s), click the link below…

If you want you can subscribe to an SO Player IPTV service where you get the Provider ID and Device Pin Codes. The SO Player is very similar to the Nora Go and ISG Go apps and works the same way.

You can, however, find the SOPlayer app inside the Play Store for most compatible devices including inside smart TVs (LG & Samsung) internal app store. Click the link below to visit the SO Play IPTV service website…

Click Here to Get SOPlayer IPTV Subscription or Read Our Full Review Here

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You can sign up to enter into the free trial to get the Nora Go Provider ID and Nora Go Pin Code free trial or pay the subscription to get the code(s). What you get really are activation/login credentials which also include the provider ID, username, and password. Once these credentials with pin code are entered into the NoraGo app on your device, the app becomes activated. From that point on, the user is taken inside the app where all the streaming content is located.

If you have the Nora app already installed on your device that’s not a smart TV, remove that app from that device and install the ISG GO or install the SP Player app. But remember, you need a Nora Go/ISG Go IPTV service for that app or SO Player IPTV service for that app. You can choose one of the other but never install both app to the same compatible device. It’s one or the other

Where do you get the app? The click the live to visit the IPTV service website. They will provide a download link and instructions. It’s best to start with the IPTV service before installing the free app. But it’s ok if have the free app installed already.

IPTV Service Provider with SO Player/Nora Go Pin Codes & Provider ID

How to Get Nora Go Pin Code(s)

Sign Up to Download/Install/Activate Nora App – Get FreeDevice Pin Code, Provider ID, Username & Password…

Get Your IPTV Service Trial or Subscription Here or Visit SO Player IPTV Service Website Here

Note: There will be links in the written review to visit the IPTV service to get your Free pin code. They also allow you to use SO Player for the Amazon Fire TV/Cube/Firestick. If Nora Go can no longer being used, then you can install SO Player to any compatible device. However, you may not be able to install SO Player on a smart TV.

If you never watched TV online and confused, I suggest signing up for our FREE Guide: How To Watch TV Online.

Watch NoraGo for Smart TV Installation Video Tutorial

See All SO Player Video Tutorials – Device Installations

See Videos on How to Remove Devices from IPTV Service/Prevent Device Lock (SO Player or Nora Go)

Click Here for Amazon Firestick Information

Indoor Antenna to Get All Local TV Channels without Cable/Satellite TV

You get a top IPTV service that uses NoraGo. There aren’t that many of these good reliable services around today that use that app. Opt into the free trial or subscribe. When done, look for an email with your activation/login details. When signing up, make sure to enter your correct email address. You will be asked to create a password so you must remember.

Signing Up

After the signup process is complete, expect an email immediately. If you don’t see it, then look in your Junk/Spam folder. If it’s there, move the emails to your regular email inbox.

Your email address and password created will be used to login to your account. This will also enable you to renew your subscription. The subscription for one month only. Remember the name of the IPTV service provider – see video above or click the link to visit. Neither the Nora app nor SOPlayer is a subscription. They are not standalone television apps and you don’t sign up download either app. They are both free downloads.

Remember: Do Not install both apps to your device. Use Nora application for smart TV and SOPlayer for all other compatible devices. You can get the Nora GO Pin Code and Nora GO Provider ID when going to the ISG GO IPTV service website that’s now using the new replacement app for NoraGo.

The remainder of the article below is old. No need to read below the line. Doing so may confuse you.


Click the link below to visit the recommended IPTV service website now or read our full review…

More Info on Nora Go Free Pin Code(s)/Provider ID & SO Player Free Pin Codes/Provider ID

Depending on the IPTV service, you get ‘x’ number of pin codes. One per device which you can use simultaneously to watch what you want from the IPTV service. Some of these services have free trials with the Nora Go free pin code or codes. With or without a free trial, they offer subscription packages with different price-sets. Generally, subscriptions are low-cost and some IPTV services have more than one subscription package.

Don’t worry, I’ll provide at least two of the best IPTV services to get the pin code for Nora Go. You don’t have to look for these services on your own. They have been tried and tested.

If in a hurry, you’ll find two of the best IPTV services below. Just choose one to get your Nora Go app pin code. But I suggest reading further to get a better idea of how things work. Both services below have instructions, video tutorials, FAQ section, app downloads, subscription packages, free trial, and support if you need help. As for the free trial, this is not always available but most of the time it is.

The IPTV service above will give you the SO Player and Nora Go free pin code. Understand that the SOPlayer app and NoraGo app work relatively the same. But it is recommended to use the player app. Once the trial for the free pin codes is over, you must subscribe (payment needed) to continue the service. The low-cost subscription is well worth it considering the amount of entertaining streaming content delivered.

Smart TVs and Fire TV / Firestick

Unfortunately, both Nora Go and SO Player apps have been removed from the smart TV app store and Fire TV / Firestick app store. Now you have had to sideload the apk. You will be required to download/install the Downloader app first. But don’t worry, the IPTV service will have all the instructions and steps for you to follow. If you never downloaded/installed an app before, Click Here.

Don’t have Amazon Firestick for your HDTV or smart TV and want IPTV service on Your TV? Read below…

How to Get Nora Go Pin Code and Provider ID When Connecting Computer to TV

If you don’t have Fire TV or Firestick, you can connect your Windows or Mac computer TV via HDMI cable. Or connect wirelessly if you have a smart TV.

Simply subscribe to the IPTV service through your computer or opt into the free trial. Right after you do this, you will receive some emails. One email will include your username, password, Provider ID, and ‘x’ number of device pin codes.  You get one Nora Go pin code per device.

Below, I provided video tutorials for both NoraGo and SOPlayer. This includes instructions on how to get pin code(s). You will learn more about subscriptions, activation pin codes, download/install, and so on.

Nora Go on Smart TV Video Tutorial

SO Player Video Tutorials 

How to Get Nora Go Pin Code for Your Device

The best IPTV services are usually compatible with all the following devices:

  • Android TV/boxes 5.1 or higher/phone/tablet
  • Nvidia Shield
  • Amazon Fire TV Devices (smart TVs)
  • iOS Mobile
  • Apple TV
  • iPhone, iPad
  • Mac Computer (Macbook)
  • Windows Computer

You can get your SO Player or Nora Go pin code (codes) including the Nora Go Provider ID which will be the ISG GO Pin Codes/Provider ID when visiting one or the other IPTV service website. Use a compatible device and watch the video tutorial. Again, you can click the link above to watch video tutorials or visit the IPTV service and sign up.

Both of these services deliver 100s of live premium TV channels to watch movies, sports, news, and TV shows. And they deliver 1000s of VOD movies and TV shows/episodes. They also have CatchUp /DVR where they do the recording, not you.  When entering the SO Player or Nora Go app pin code, the app becomes activated. You will enter your username, password, and Provider ID.

When all said and done, you now have access to all the streaming content. To learn more about both IPTV services, read the full review (see both links above). You will learn everything about the SO Player and Nora Go pin code as well as other important information not mentioned here.

Get Your FREE Trial, Subscription, Activation Credentials Here

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